At Trident MT you may have come across my different approach to treating “tight” hamstrings.

More often than not the tightness you are feeling is just that – a feeling or perception of tightness to the brain. In every muscle and tissue are stretch receptors that when stretched send a message back to the brain either causing the body to feel pain or feel tightness. If this muscle is already eccentrically locked in a LONG position then it proves to be completely counter intuitive to further stretch this already long tissue being the hamstrings. This stretching provides the brain with some symptomatic relief but will inadvertently go back to the same pattern within 10 minutes.

Try this:

– lying on your back actively lift your straight leg into the air and note the first point of tightness

– now with a partner have them take the full weight of the leg and lift it straight in the air performing a passive straight leg raise

– If this range is increased chances are you don’t have “tight” hamstrings; they are just inhibited via tone

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Weight overhead creating anterior chain activation. Inhibiting posterior chain receptors.

Weight overhead creating anterior chain activation. Inhibiting posterior chain receptors.

– Now create abdominal tension as pictured above with either a partner or weight dropping overhead and lift that leg actively again.

Chances are this range has magically improved. You see by activating your anterior chain structures (core and anterior sling) we have inhibited the posterior structures (hamstrings and their stretch receptors) and allowed them to achieve their full range of motion. After patterning this in a non weight bearing position we can eventually take you to standing to touch those toes that have been long neglected.


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