Trident Movement

Trident began in 2015 with the focus of challenging the status quo and delivering a health service with an emphasis on creating robust humans through mobilising, stabilising and optimising movement.

We shied away from the term Chiropractic and settled on Manual Therapy which we felt encompassed much of what we did at the time. We have always placed an emphasis on active care and getting people off the treatment table to transition them from pain to performance.

We believe that Movement is at the core of what we do and epitomises our approach of developing a community of like-minded people who want to be better.

Yes we are Chiropractors – yet our definition on what chiropractic is might be different to what others might assume.

We do treat conditions like back pain, neck pain but also manage shoulder injuries, knee injuries and other peripheral muscle, tendon and ligament injuries.

We are NOT defined by just the spine or “cracking” joints. Manipulation is just one tool to help improve movement and decrease pain and is always combined with other treatments including exercise, massage and education. Using a multidisciplinary approach we aim to get people out of pain and back enjoying the activities they love.

We Do NOT believe in seeing you for weeks and weeks till the end of time. We believe that education is key in empowering you to manage your pain and injuries.

We DO believe in DISCHARGING you. That’s part of being an ethical practitioner and person.

We strongly believe in EXERCISE as a modality to overcome injury and pain.

We are evidence based practitioners – we pride ourselves on staying up to date with current research and continued learning to give the best outcomes to our patients.

We feel that “Trident Movement” best encompasses these core values. We realise that yes it is different and might not be everyone’s cup of tea but we look forward to continuing to serve those who hold similar values to their health.