Knee Pain

The knee is a common joint which is injured in many sports such as AFL, rugby, running and martial arts. It is important to know which structure/s are affected with knee injuries:

Ligament Injuries:

The ACL and MCL are the most common knee ligaments injured. It is important to know which and what grade of tear is present to plan out the best individualised management plan. Initially treatment aims to reduce inflammation, restore normal range before progressing through a complex rehabilitation program consisting of strength, stability and plyometrics / multidirectional movements.

Meniscus Injuries:

Tears to the cartilage (meniscus) are seen either acutely or associated with degeneration (osteoarthritis). Management will depend on the severity; a small tear without locking or catching can be managed through exercise, however larger tears may need surgical consultation.

Tendon Pain:

Tendon pain is commonly due to overuse which can be as a result of increases in running, stair climbing or repetitive lunging / squatting. Management consists of education, manual therapy to reduce sensitivity and a progressive strengthening program.

What you can expect from each chiro appointment:

  • 1 on 1 appointments only.
  • We have longer appointment times to allow us to go through every step
  • Clear diagnosis and plan. We explain everything.
  • We don’t do any treatments you don’t wish. We treat everyone individually.
  • We will help reduce your painget you back moving and achieving your movement goals.


Will you crack my neck?

No. We understand that “cracking” the neck or other joints can be scary or not your cup of tea so we don’t need to do it. We pride ourselves on being able to tailor a treatment approach which is specific to you. If we believe you have a joint which is stiff there are many ways we can improve its motion and cracking / manipulation is one of various options.

Does it hurt?

No. We understand that you are likely already in pain and thus adding more pain to the equation seems illogical and counterintuitive. Our primary aim within the first few appointments if to get you out of pain so we choose to provide treatments which do this. When giving you exercises we can sometime expect some soreness, however this should settle quickly.

Will I have to see you forever?

No. We strongly believe in empowering and educating our community towards being able to self-manage their pain and injuries. Our goal is to educate you on every phase of your care including discharging you from our care. This gives you confidence to get back to all the activities you love most.

How much does it cost?

We have a variety of treatment options which will depend on the individual. We aim to work with you….

Honest, genuine and ethical advice regarding your health