Low back pain is common among all ages and is the number one cause of disability worldwide. Most back pain will resolve quickly (within a couple of days). Rarely can a specific cause of low back pain be identified; thus, most low back pain is termed non-specific. Non-specific low back pain can be either acute (24-48hrs) or chronic (greater than 3 months duration) and is characterised by a range of physical, psychological and social factors that interact to cause impaired function.

When consulting a health care practitioner about back pain it is important to give accurate details. Such as how long has your back been sore? Are there particular movements, thoughts or feelings which trigger your back pain? Can you remember a time when this first started? Have you got any goals which we can help you achieve? Have you had any previous medical or alternative care for your back pain?

The history of your low back pain and physical examination will guide a management plan to put you in control of your pain. Management may consist of specific exercises or stretches, education around things to do more or less of and manual therapy to assist with short term pain relief.

You should feel empowered to understand why your back is sore and the things you can do to help.

What you can expect from each chiro appointment:

  • 1 on 1 appointments only.
  • We have longer appointment times to allow us to go through every step
  • Clear diagnosis and plan. We explain everything.
  • We don’t do any treatments you don’t wish. We treat everyone individually.
  • We will help reduce your painget you back moving and achieving your movement goals.

Mid Back Pain

Stiffness between the shoulder blades is very common with the increasing use of computers and phones. Stiffness or pain in the upper back can lead to other issues in the neck, shoulders or low back. There are many reasons why this area of the spine can become painful such as joint or muscular irritation, increase in sedentary postures and accidents. 

The mid back (thoracic spine) is made up of 12 vertebrae bones each are joined to one another through the facet joints, rib joints and discs.

Facet joints can be a common contributor to mid back stiffness.  Movements such as twisting and arching backwards can become more difficult. The rib joints, (costovertebral joints) which are just to the side of the spine, can commonly be involved in mid back pain and stiffness. Pain will often increase with deep breath, coughing and laughing if the rib joint is the source of pain.

When we see people with mid back pain we assess the area thoroughly, to determine which structures may be contributing to your pain. We then explain the specifics of what we believe is the cause of your pain and then provide treatment which is aimed at reducing pain quickly, restoring movement and then strengthening surrounding areas to prevent future episodes of pain. 


Will you crack my neck?

No. We understand that “cracking” the neck or other joints can be scary or not your cup of tea so we don’t need to do it. We pride ourselves on being able to tailor a treatment approach which is specific to you. If we believe you have a joint which is stiff there are many ways we can improve its motion and cracking / manipulation is one of various options.

Does it hurt?

No. We understand that you are likely already in pain and thus adding more pain to the equation seems illogical and counterintuitive. Our primary aim within the first few appointments if to get you out of pain so we choose to provide treatments which do this. When giving you exercises we can sometime expect some soreness, however this should settle quickly.

Will I have to see you forever?

No. We strongly believe in empowering and educating our community towards being able to self-manage their pain and injuries. Our goal is to educate you on every phase of your care including discharging you from our care. This gives you confidence to get back to all the activities you love most.

How much does it cost?

We have a variety of treatment options which will depend on the individual. We aim to work with you….

Honest, genuine and ethical advice regarding your health