Build on a Solid Foundation… not a swamp

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OPTIMISE –  Movement Patterns

“First move well then move often”- those are the words of movement guru Gray Cook. It couldn’t ring more true for any activity and especially gym based activities. Too often we are jumping right into heavy load lifting or outrageous high intensity training. And of course why wouldn’t we. In our fast paced lifestyle where everyone wants their food faster and healthier, to get to work quicker and to get results in the gym faster. Whether it’s weight loss or building muscle mass. We all want it now and the quicker it comes the better. But in this fast paced routine we often sacrifice technique for knocking out that final rep. This compounds a poor movement pattern and can lead to reliance on passive tissue structures such as ligaments, joint capsules and those lumbar discs.


Take the dead-lift for example-

We decide to up the weight and in the sacrifice to lift that weight we round out at the back and complete the lift. STOKED… You’ve nailed that PB, but at what consequence. Now your brain has just figured out an easier way to lift that weight with the use of the tissues that aren’t requiring the energy such as the the ligaments and discs. Therefore it thinks lifting with a round back is a good idea.  SILLY BRAIN. In the short term we can lift more but with a poorer movement pattern this stress accumulates and overtime injuries will present themselves more as we add to this “unstable” base.


Take home message

    • listen to your trainers
    • don’t let your brain take you down the path of least resistance
    • Learn the movement correctly from the get go


Last but not least:

Build your house on a solid foundation not a swamp