When we have an injury often our first response is PAIN as a protection mechanism so we don’t further injure ourselves. After this initial injury we have a period of rest to allow the body to heal before returning to the activities we enjoy.

However what happens if we don’t get the correct diagnosis or advice regarding our injury. What happens then?


We become fearful to move the injured area because we aren’t sure what is wrong or how much we can / can’t do. We then become stiffer around the injured area and movement becomes more painful so we move less. Due to moving less we then lose our general fitness and our confidence to move becomes impacted.

So what should we do? To avoid a situation of fear avoidance it is important to be proactive with injuries and get them assessed early. Once assessed and diagnosed a plan should be in place to GRADUALLY LOAD the injured area to help assist BUILD CONFIDENCE in getting back to the activities you love to do.

Thanks to Dr Ian Skinner for sharing his knowledge at a recent seminar on chronic pain through the Australian Podiatry Association – collaboration at its finest!