Every tissue in the body has a capacity of load it can tolerate. When we apply load which is greater than the tissue’s capacity, we have a higher risk of pain or injury. However, if we apply increasing loads gradually over time we allow the tissue to adapt and for its capacity of load to increase (boom Vs bust & pacing pattern article).

Injury Scenario 1:

Acute injury – A sudden increase in load which is greater than the tissues capacity with no time to adapt. For example, rolling your ankle.

Overuse injury – Starting a new activity quickly. For example, beginning a new program at the gym and expecting to be able to do that same amount of load as you previous could without building up to it.

Injury Scenario 2:

Reduced capacity – There are other factors which affect the recovery and readiness of the individual to do an activity. For example, increased stress, poor sleep, nutrition, beliefs and previous injury.


The emphasis is on EDUCATION around recognising the signs that either the load is greater than the tissue can handle or the capacity of the individual to tolerate the load is lower to help reduce the likelihood of pain and injury.


Check out this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H1rp_v4Dr3g from Kevin Maggs from @RunningReformfor more information and a detailed explanation on load vs capacity.