1. What happens if I hurt my back/body?

Give us a call or message. We will aim to guide you over the phone by firstly triaging your case and then providing our options in terms of care:

    1. Face to face: You are eligible to visit the clinic and we all believe this would be the most appropriate management in the early phase of your injury management
    2. Online consultation: You are unable to visit the clinic, however need assessment and advice on the things you can be doing to help your condition. This could either be:
      • Initial video consultation (I’ve never been to the clinic before)
      • Standard video consultation (I’ve been to clinic before but this is a new injury / presentation)
  1. I have an upcoming appointment what should I do?

Our practitioners will be in contact with you via phone or text to discuss our options in terms of care.

  1. What is an online consultation / telehealth?

Online consultations or telehealth are exactly what they sound – consultations which are online.

Traditionally the view of Chiropractic is only a “hand’s on” treatment approach. At Trident Movement we have always approached our management plan’s from a multi-modal approach. We educate you about your condition, identifying contributing factors from your lifestyle and then tailor a structured treatment plan including manual therapy and exercises specific to you.

Obviously when doing an online consultation we can’t provide the hands on treatment, however we can still provide education, help you identify lifestyle factors, give you self-management ways to treat yourself and provide tailored rehabilitation exercises through Physiapp.

  1. How can you diagnose my injury without even touching me?

All our consultations are Trident Movement start with a subjective assessment, in which we ask you well-structured questions designed to discover what we need to know about your injury. This then guides our assessment process which aims to reaffirm the probable diagnosis. Many of these physical tests can be performed via video. This process should clarify your diagnosis and our management plan can then be tailored to your specific needs.

If you are unable to get a clear diagnosis we will obviously tell you and give you advice on the appropriate measures.

  1. Does my health insurance cover online consultation / telehealth?

Unfortunately not. At this stage health insurance companies do not cover telehealth. This is an evolving space and with the current COVID-19 crisis this is in discussion as we speak. As a result this is reflected in the price of our online consultations.

  1. How do I pay for my consultations if I can’t get into the clinic?

Following your online consultation we will email you an invoice, we kindly ask if you could please pay this through bank transfer as soon as possible.


Thank you for continued support and understanding during this challenging time. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.


Steve, David and Laura

Trident Movement