One of the most common complaints with knee pain is aching and pain when walking up and down stairs. Why is this the case?

When walking up and down stairs we put more pressure on the knee joint either the front or sides. If we don’t have adequate strength, stability or flexibility around the knee, it can hence become painful. 

Three tips to help relieve pain when walking up or down stairs?

  1. Step onto the step with your whole foot, rather than just your toes. This will reduce the compression force placed on the knee
  2. Try pushing off on the outside of your heel. This will help activate your glute muscles to improve the stability of your knee
  3. Keep your knee outside your second toe. Commonly letting the knee move inwards puts more pressure on the joint. 

What can we do to help relieve your knee pain? 

We provide a treatment plan which is individualised, depending on contributing factors in each person’s case

  1. Give advice on how to reduce stress on your joint when at work, home or in sport
  2. Simple exercise to build strength and stability around the knee joint
  3. Soft tissue therapy to relax tight muscles around the knee

If you have knee pain, our team of professionals can help you know whats going on and get you back moving quickly.