Back pain during pregnancy is the most common complaint we see. Your centre of gravity and weight change whilst placing different demands on your spine, pelvis, hips and muscles. Not to mention the change in hormone levels and blood supply. To help your body adapt and cope with these changes:

🕺 Keep moving: Continue your normal exercise. You may need to moderate, alter or reduce the level of intensity, duration or weight. But it is best all round if you continue with your walking, swimming, yoga, pilates, classes etc in some way.

🩼⚖️Use extra support: You can use external support to alleviate this added load. Such as: – Pillows between your knees, under your waist and behind your back for sleeping. – Pregnancy support belt/leggings around your pelvis and hips at the end of the day. – Pillows and foot rest at your desk. – Supportive shoes (you may need to size up) or compression socks.

🏥 Seek health care: If you are at all concerned or feel this is something more than mechanical back pain as your body adapts, seek advice. Especially if you are also experiencing: vaginal bleeding, dizziness, shortness of breath, or decreased fetal movements.

If you need help with back pain while pregnant, our experienced Chiropractor Laura Montgomery is here to help you.