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Ryan is a PGA Professional and Fitness Trainer from Sydney, Australia. He supports golfers in their journey to achieving their goals through golf and fitness coaching. He mentors and keeps you accountable so you are empowered to succeed.

All the programs are tailored to help golfers improve their fitness to improve their scores! If you are looking to increase your distance, build some consistency, lose weight and improve your mobility, you will find a program here that will help you achieve just that! The best part about it is that he has tested all these programs on golfers of all abilities, sizes, ages and we come to the same outcome… Lower scores, increased distance and an easier to repeat swing!

Ryan O'Flaherty

Golf & Fitness Coach

Golf Lessons & Hitting Practice

Golf Lesson with Flats

$105 AUD / 45min

  • One single lesson on the Flightscope golf simulator
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6 Lesson Package

$525 AUD / 45min | In-person

  • Buy 5 and get 6 lessons ($87.50 each) on the Flightscope golf simulator
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Golf Simulator Practice

$30 AUD / 30min

  • Ready to do some practice on our simulator?
    • Create your own profile so we can store you data
    • Measure your distance, club path, face angle and more!
    • Hit as many balls as you like within your time slot!
    • Challenge yourself with NTP or a Long Drive challenge
    • Base your readings off the type of golf ball you use, standard balls or premium TP5 so you get more accurate data based on what you do on the course

    Bring your golf clubs and sand shoes/joggers.


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Golf Simulator Round of Golf (120 Minutes)- 1-4 players

$120 AUD / 120min

  • Ready to play some golf?
    • 2 hours of Sim hire which is enough for a group of 4 to play golf!
    • If you are a single or pair you might even get 27 or 36 holes in!

    Bring your golf clubs and sand shoes/joggers.


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What you can expect from each session:

1. We have both 1 on 1 and small group sessions

2. Accountability– We are here with you every step of the way

3. Affordable– For the same price as a bucket or balls or a weekly gym membership you can get monthly access.

4. Full access to training programs and tutorials anywhere, anytime.

5. You can train at home or in the gym, with or without equipment.

Join the community and be surrounded by like minded golfers like just you.

Golf Fitness & Online Memberships

Free 7-day trial

Monthly Plan

$39.99 AUD / month • $399 AUD / year (save 17%)

This Membership Plan includes:
  • 1:1 Welcome and Goal Setting call with Flats
  • Golf Programs
  • Fitness Programs
  • Goal Setting and Accountability
  • Exclusive Member only weekly Live Coaching and Q&A’s
  • In app Goal Tracking and much more
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Annual Plan

$399 AUD / year | SAVE $80 + $249 of BONUS VALUE

This Membership Plan includes:
  • Free 1:1 Fitness Screening call with Flats (Value $100)
  • Access to the 28 Day Golf Fitness Challenge (Value $149)
  • Access to exclusive “Annual Member Only” Programs
  • Save $80 when signing up annually
  • Golf Programs
  • Fitness Programs
  • Goal Setting and Accountability
  • Exclusive Member only Live Coaching and Q&As
  • In App Goal Tracking and much more
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Group Training

$176 AUD / month | In-person training

This Membership Plan includes:
  • 2 x Weekly group training sessions
  • Full access to the App
  • Ongoing Golf Fitness Screenings
  • Goal setting and Tracking
  • Weekly in person accountability
  • Programming
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I’m new to fitness, can I still sign up?

Absolutely! The programs we offer suitable for people of all levels of fitness. There are modifications to make the workout easier or harder, and in some cases completely different exercises.

Why should I join?

If you are someone who wants to improve their golf and/or fitness as well as overall health. If you want a coach who genuinely cares about your journey and you reaching your goals but more so cares about you. You wont only see improvement and achieve your goals but you will have me there to push you along the way, celebrate the wins and be there for you through the challenges! I coach more than just golf. I take the holistic approach that if we can improve your golf, improve you fitness, improve your thinking that it will improve your overall health and wellbeing.. which at the end of the day is what we all want.. to be happy.

Do I have to play golf to attend?

No, although these programs are designed to help the golfer specifically if you are after a training program that will increase your strength and flexibility, lose weight and encourage a healthier lifestyle then this will certainly do that for you.
The great thing about golf fitness is that the outcomes provide golfers with longevity, and although its a non contact sport there is a lot of stress put on the body during the golf swing. So if you’re looking to stay active long term in whatever you do, I can help you do that.

When are the sessions?

There are both 1 on 1 and group sessions on both Tuesdays and Thursdays

Honest, genuine and ethical advice regarding your health