Do your knees hurt when walking up stairs?

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One of the most common complaints with knee pain is aching and pain when walking up and down stairs. Why is this the case? When walking up and down stairs…

Breakfast 101

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Naturally when it comes to nutrition advice it feels logical to start with breakfast, particularly with the latest craze surrounding intermittent fasting, (which for many people can be suitable for…

Injuries in Female Athletes

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AusPlay data shows that 52% of Australian women and 68% of girls regularly participate in sport which has grown over recent years. Common injuries among female athletes: Ankle sprains &…

Back pain while pregnant

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Back pain during pregnancy is the most common complaint we see. Your centre of gravity and weight change whilst placing different demands on your spine, pelvis, hips and muscles. Not…

Hip Pain

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My hip is sore, do I have arthritis? Hip pain is common and often misdiagnosed. Around the hip there are many structures which can become painful, hence limiting the ability…

Knee & Hip Arthritis

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What is it? Arthritis is a group of conditions which affect the joints. These conditions can present as pain, stiffness or reduced movement, swelling, redness or feeling unwell. There are…

Chiro for Jaw Pain

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Jaw pain is one of the most common conditions alongside neck, low back and shoulder pain we see in the clinic. It is often associated with chronic conditions such as…

Gym’s Reopening

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Yes, it’s exciting hearing the news that we will be able to get back to some normality with our exercise routines. We wanted to reflect on what we’ve seen after…


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