At Trident Movement we understand the demands of a sport such as Baseball. With prior experience at high level Baseball and successfully running multiple Arm Care and Throwing Programs alongside Manly Baseball.

These achieved great results and we have furthered this by creating indivualised strength and conditioning programs specific to Baseball.

Our programs look to offer the next generation the ability to compete at a higher level, improve their performance and reducing your chance of injury. Having structured sessions which aim in building strength, power, speed, agility, and endurance.

These Programs are run out of our DEE WHY location only.


6 week block includes:

  • strength and mobility assessment’s specific to throwing and/or hitting
  • performance testing at pre and post block of program
  • 6 x 1 hour sessions over 6 weeks
  • individualised programming specific to athlete’s goals/weaknesses
  • Supplementary exercises or at home material
  • Report of findings

Learn the fundamentals of the major lifts and how they best translate into Hitting and Throwing

  • Rotary Power
  • Hip Separation
  • Arm Stability
  • Trunk/Core stiffness
  • Foundational Lifts
  • Return to Play rehab

Per session

$45 session

6 week block

$2506 sessions
2018/19 Program results
2019/20 Program results
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